Baking Tools

I have started to add a few links to products.  Hope it is helpful!

Challenger Bread Pan -- My favorite tool for making Sourdough Loaves

The Oven -- Challenger (23 lbs) and Baking Steel (30 lbs)
Respect to that oven rack for holding all that weight!

Not enough room in the kitchen.
Had to expand into the dining room!

          White Wheat Flour

White Bread Flour

 Ancient Grain Baking Mix

KitchenAid Stand Mixer!

Spiral Dough Hook is VERY superior
to the stock"C" Hook

Whisk Wiper -- Catches drips and cleans most of the stuff off of the wires

Bluetooth Temperature Probe

Bluetooth PH Meter

KitchenAid Food Processor

Blade Kit including dicing blade

Food Chopper --  Pesto made easy!

Low-tech but accurate mechanical thermometer
A must to know your fridge and proofing temps.

A good scale is an absolute must-have item!

And a low-cost ($10) great piece of kit for measuring small amounts such as salt or yeast
when the higher-capacity scale only shows whole numbers
and a "10" on the scale could mean anything between 10 and -10.9

Peels for transferring different types of loaves -- Avoid deflating your loaves or burning your fingers

High-temperature Gloves can handle
holding a 500°F baking vessel for 15-20 seconds

Parchment sheets
made to fit the Challenger

Covered (Pullman) pans are now my favorite.  They make an even crust all around and having the lid on also steams smaller loaves that don't totally fill the pan and keeps the crusts from burning

Bannetons of various shapes for proofing sourdough loaves

My favorite tool to mix/stir Sourdough Starter
The thick end of a chopstick!

Marking your Starer Jar or Bulk Rising container
and washes off with water.

Keeping track of Stretch & Folds on the Fridge!
The Challenger marker wipes right off when done

Breville Proof setting
at 80°F

Tools for scoring the dough

Mini cast-iron pots for making steam with ice cubes

Shakes for spreading flour on loaves or the work surface

Yes, dental floss!  The best way to cut cinnamon roll logs
AND make a pilot line to follow when scoring a loaf!

A high-temperature roasting pan and kettle for making steam in the oven if not using the Challenger.
Preheat the roasting pan with the oven, then boil the kettle and pour the water into the roasting pan.

Essential tool for so many things in the kitchen

Danish whisk can handle mixing stiffer doughs

Dough and bowl scrapers